June 2017 Past Issues 396

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In each monthly issue of Australian Artist magazine we take you inside the studios of the Australia's best artists. They tell you the thought processes behind their creative methods and reveal their painting techniques.

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The magazine for artists by artists.
6 Portfolio
A look at art activity from around the country
Cover Stories
Watercolor 12 The Merits of a Plein air Watercolour Experience
How to make the most of an opportunity to paint with watercolour on location.
by Chan Dissanayake
Oil 20 Minimal Detail, Maximum Impact
Achieving a contemporary interpretation by simplifying the painting process
by Colin Madgwick
Cover Stories
Oil 30 Strange Distortions
Painting in the challenging zone between realism and abstraction
by Rhonda Grey
38 Painting the Figure Sensuously Part 1 – The Painting Process
ncomplicated beauty in art does not need to be superficial or shallow
by Gordon Hanley
46 Art Prizes
Part 10 - Common Pastel Pitfalls
by Amanda McLean
54 NEW SERIES: Where are They Now
In this edition we featuring the art of Roslyn Oakes
58 ART TUITION: Be Your Own Critic: Part 2 Checking Out your Values
Do you ever get to a point in your work where you know something is wrong with it, but not quite sure what it is?
by Maxine Wade
63 Art Exhibitions
64 Professional Artist
by Graeme Smith
65 Richard Robinson
by Richard Robinson
68 Art Exhibitions
73 Art Prizes & Competitions
80 Classified advertising