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In each monthly issue of Australian Artist magazine we take you inside the studios of the Australia's best artists. They tell you the thought processes behind their creative methods and reveal their painting techniques.

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The magazine for artists by artists.
4 Portfolio
A Look at art activity from around the country
10 Art Attraction
Victoria's Silos Art Trail
12 Art Materials: What I Like to Use
Grampians Brushes 2017 artist-in-residence, Abi Thompson discusses her choice of materials to complement her style
16 Art Tuition: The Simplest Ideas
A semi-abstract approach to landscapes through REDUCTION
by Tony Smibert
22 Using Acrylics in Representational Art Part 4
by Barry McCann
Watercolor 30 The Power and Passion of En Plein Art Painting
The visual, emotional sensual and lyrical benefits of immersion into outdoor painting
by Terry Javis
Cover Stories
Watercolor 40 A Drawing Approach to Painting Watercolor Portraits
Mastering comparative proportions and learning much from still life can assist artists with portraiture
by Lorraine Lewitzka
52 Tips for Traveling with Oil Paints and Painting Plein Air
by Robyn Collier
Pastel 54 Enriching Art With Experimentation
Keep your art fresh and thriving by never ceasing to experiment and seeking new art adventures
by Lyn Mellady
Cover Stories
Oil 64 Portrait Painting - Continents Apart
Capturing character when not painting portraits from life, presents its own challenges!
by Stephen Kaldor
74 Professional Artist
by Graeme Smith
75 Art Prizes & Competitions
80 Classified Advertising