May 2018 Past Issues 407

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In each monthly issue of Australian Artist magazine we take you inside the studios of the Australia's best artists. They tell you the thought processes behind their creative methods and reveal their painting techniques.

In This Issue

The magazine for artists by artists.
2 Portfolio
A look at art activity from around the country
7 New Series
10 steps to paint like an impressionist
by Colley Whisson
13 New Special Feature from CHROMA Acrylics
Free materials to art societies/groups for workshops
14 New Series
Hit 'Em with Drama, Artistic Elements - Part 1
by Robert Hagan
18 Artist's Pictorial
Celebrating Joan Humble OAM
Art Events 20 Art With Altitude
How a small community mounted a successful art exhibition on a tight budget - and continues to do so!
26 Facebook Friends
A special feature showcasing paintings by new artists sourced from our Facebook pages.
Cover Stories
Pastel 32 Chasing the Rising Sun
Some subjects require painting FAST and come with an adrenalin rush!
by Tricia Taylor
Watercolor 40 Birds in Watercolour
We present an absolutely stunning salute to the color and diversity of birds.
by Gordon Hanley
Watercolor 54 The Surprise Package - Using Brown Paper for Watercolor Painting
Take the worry out of messing up on watercolour paper, by "going brown" instead!
by Gerhard Ritter
62 Richard Robinson
Workshop and critiques
66 Art Exhibitions
72 Professional Artist
by Graeme Smith
75 Art Prizes & Competitions
80 Classifieds Advertising