September 2018 Past Issues 411

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In each monthly issue of Australian Artist magazine we take you inside the studios of the Australia's best artists. They tell you the thought processes behind their creative methods and reveal their painting techniques.

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The magazine for artists by artists.
4 Portfolio
A look at art activity from around the country
9 Special Feature from CHROMA Acrylics
Cover Stories
Art Prizes 12 2018 Camberwell Art Show Winners
18 New Series: Mike Barr on "Everything Art"
Blogs, demos and pictorials
by Mike Barr
20 Art Venue
Flying High on a New Art Venture, the Temora Aviation and Fine Art Gallery
Cover Stories
26 Artist's Workshop: Experimental Acrylics - Two Techniques
Using the new acrylics
by Olin Baykara
Oil 32 The Effect of Light on Subjects
Let the subject and the light within it, influence how you paint it
by Dr. Salwa Woodroffe
Watercolor 40 Perth's Swan River Wetlands TONALLY
Your next subject is probably in your own "backyard", or at least "next door"
by Sue Hibbert
Cover Stories
46 Art Story
Slow Art, and One Artist's Journey into Mokulito Printmaking
50 Artist Pictorial: Close Encounters - Lyn Cooke
Accurate depictions of creatures in our natural environment requires observation and the painting of character and detail
54 Artistic Elements - Part 5
Make the absolute most of light
by Robert Hagan
58 10 Steps to Paint Like an Impressionist - Part 5
Color my world
by Colley Whisson
62 Paint, Paper, Play #3
by Antoinette Blythe
66 Art Society
68 Professional Artist
by Graeme Smith
73 Art Prizes & Competitions