February 2019 Past Issues 416

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In each monthly issue of Australian Artist magazine we take you inside the studios of the Australia's best artists. They tell you the thought processes behind their creative methods and reveal their painting techniques.

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The magazine for artists by artists.
2 Portfolio
A look at art activity from around the country
9 Special Feature from CHROMA Acrylics
11 Mike Barr on "Everything Art"
Blogs, demos and pictorials
12 Traps and Pitfalls of Rainy Day Scenes
A step by step guide to how not to drown this popular subject
by Tony White
18 Compositional Variations
Paint a beautiful rural scene in pastels with the benefit of expert tips
by Lyn Mellady
24 Art Exhibition
28 A Shorter Step to Mastery!
Mimicry fo a master style is the first stage of learning and hastens the evolution to originality
by Tony Smibertnk
34 Special Feature: A Modern Approach to Egg Tempra
Experiment with this rewarding technique, but don't expect it to behave in any familiar way!
by Avril Jean
Watercolor 40 A mini-series on the three key issues in watercolour painting; this edition, featuring light
by Mike Kowalski
50 Artist's workshop
Painting Plein Air
by Annie Kelly
Watercolor 54 Watercolour Series
Demonstrations and top tips from John Lovett
by John Lovett
58 10 Steps to Paint Like an Impressionist
Part 10 hard work
by Colley Whisson
62 Paint, Paper, Play #8
by Lynette Orzlowski
66 How Tonal Impressionism Boost Your En Plein Air Journeys
by Amanda Hyattski
73 Professional Artist
by Graeme Smith
74 Art Prizes & Competitions
80 Classifieds